Friday, February 20, 2009

Legislators aim to snuff out penalties for pot use

Active legislation HR 5843 has tremendous public support. Good luck getting the CNN embed to load. EVERY OTHER CNN VIDEO WORKS FINE, but for "some reason" this one constantly fails to play. Hmmm.

  • Full text
  • DEA, Bush White House say marijuana dangerous, has no accepted medical use
  • Decriminalization advocates say marijuana laws should mirror alcohol laws
  • NORML spokesman says marijuana user arrested in U.S. "every 38 seconds"
  • HR 5843 would not affect laws on growing, importing, exporting marijuana


Thursday, November 20, 2008

What the No on Prop 8 Dangerously Angry Mob Needs to Know

Why are the No on Eighters such haters, excluding polyamorists from the cause? Why LGBT and not LGBTP? Why are you "pulling a black community" on the "poly's", turning around and denying us the same rights you demand? If any "gay marriage" amendment ever passes, it BETTER include polyamory, or you've done the same thing to us polyamorists as you claim the black community has done to you. How selfish and bigoted of LGBT's to only seek their own special exception without including everyone in this alleged civil rights battle.

If we use the term Marriage Equality, it better mean Equality for ALL or we are no better than any of the others.

The maniacally narcissistic leaders and architects of the NO on 8 camp -- as distinct from the vast majority of NO supporters who are infinitely more reasonable -- thought they could just "plug in" to The Civil Rights Formula; co-opting phrases like "by any means necessary" to dangerously vicious ends at times. The raw emotionalism of the NO campaign further complicates and invalidates their cause.

Television and radio commercials have histrionically equated the plight of gays as equivalent to Japanese Internment. Internment? Who are we kidding? Slavery and lynching are equated with marriage? Who sent YOU to such a Rush Limbaugh Institute of Hyperbole? To any semi-objective observer, these are utterly emotionally hijacked non sequiturs. As LGBT, we are not by any stretch of the imagination lynched or interned; to brazenly present such absurdities has discredited and hobbled our cause; to have any effect, the cause must de-escalate to more appropriate analogical ground such as achieving equal pay for equal work. This is vastly more correct and accurate analogy. Women are not "interned" by lack of equal pay for equal work, but they are clearly out of parity.

The NO on 8 camp, in order to be viewed as intellectually honest, in order to be viewed as capable of a measure of objective introspection, in order to be viewed as credible, simply must change its long term strategy.

Let us also acknowledge that in order for those of us in the NO on 8 camp to prevail, we must not in any way turn around to men with 2, 3, or 4 wives; or women with 2, 3, or 4 gender-diverse POLYAMOROUS SPOUSES, and tell them that they don't love one other and are not entitled to be married.

How DARE YOU "pull a black community" by turning around and denying the polyamorous the same rights to the loving contract that you demanded? Logic and legal consistency mandate that if marriage is opened up beyond one man and one woman, then marriage MUST be opened up to all; anything less is the highest of all heights of hypocrisy.

One other option is to get the State out of this Church-entangled business of "marriage" altogether. This could actually be the root of the problem. The idea of marriage originated in religion and the state found this relationship helpful to its own agenda. This was a pre-constitutional breach of division between church and state. Particularly in an era of growing religious diversity, including atheism, it might do well to get the State out of the business of marriage altogether. We might have a better time of arguing that a State engaging in marriage at all, is unconstitutional. Why target pillars when the entire foundation is built on sinking sand? With the State completely out of this marriage gig, those who want to be attached to the flailing, anachronistic, 50% failure-rate of traditional marriage could then find a Church that will grant them that Church's version of whatever it wants to call marriage. In this eventuality, any who go to the State for Civil Union, regardless of gender or number, can get Civilly United.

Change the entire zeitgeist, call it something new and enlightened like Life Bonded; create an entirely new and more enlightend conception of these unions, one that is open to all and free of the historical baggage, muck, and mayhem. There, I said it. So go ahead, add me to the Black List, shout me down, uncritically call me a hater and a bigot, thereby proving the very worst the NO on 8 character to be true. 

I'm not AGAINST; I'm FOR intellectual honesty and clarity, all around. The REAL abiding injustice we should all be fighting against is CLASS, anyway. Race and gender relations are wonderfully powerful emotional distractions that the top 5% would love us to stay embroiled and entangled with in perpetuity. Now that we have a black president, are all of a sudden all black people equal? No. 

Now, maybe we can finally see that our bottom 80% black, white, and latino brothers and sisters have more in common with one another than a Top 1% black has with a Bottom 80% black, or a Top 1% latino has with a Bottom 80% latino, right? Who is REALLY in the same boat with us, someone with the same color skin as a CEO making $400M, or whitey next door struggling like us?

P.S. Just read this: "the death penalty ... cases do not represent as much of a fundamental change as Proposition 8." Holy shit, DEATH is not as fundamental as marriage? Holy shit, people.


Monday, October 06, 2008

On Accusations That Obama is a Communist or Terrorist

"Marx, who drew up this programme to the satisfaction of all parties, entirely trusted to the INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT of the working class, which was sure to result from combined action and mutual DISCUSSION," In German edition, "Marx relied SOLELY upon the intellectual development of the working class, as it necessarily has to ensue from united action and discussion."

Of course, evil men of bankrupt moral character have used equally:
  • the Old Testament
  • the New Testament
  • the Constitution
  • the Manifesto
  • the Q'ran
  • the Vedas and Gitas
  • and so many others

... to control people through violence, fear, threat of scarcity, and elevation of greed as a virtue.

I think it's important to remind that the manifesto is often used as a diversion from The Actual Work of economic scholarship; which is also a source of IDEAS; not something to be unilaterally implemented with absurd and dangerous religious fervor.

Since the Manifesto closes with, "The Communists ... openly declare that their ends can be attained ONLY by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions," then no THINKING, EDUCATED, PEACE-LOVING HUMAN can be a Communist as advocated in that closing battle cry.

In this regard, to call any THINKING, EDUCATED, PEACE-SEEKING and PEACE-LOVING HUMAN a Communist is like calling a Rabbi or Bishop a Terrorist because they have a different religious text from our own. It's an insult that pollutes the credibility of the slanderer as much as it impugns the reputation of the slandered.

Peaceful men and women seek rather to render irrelevant those historic justifications for organized control of people by FORCE, FEAR, and GREED; the predominant forces common to both Church and State rule throughout history. This is the history -- the history of COERCION and BRUTE FORCE -- which is to be reversed by Reason and Discussion, not by force.

Nobody with properly firing synapses could ever support such utter ignorance as Stalinist or Leninist mental illness; and to suggest someone of Obama's intellect and introspective nature could be in favor such things is an insult and slander as damaging and deceitful as any McCarthyist Inquisition.

Why not just stand up and shout, "Vote for McCain, because Obama is a Pathological Murderer committed to Violent Communist overthrow of his own political office!"

Knowing and respecting your intellectual honesty, I'm sure you will agree that such a statement is a nauseatingly, and even pathologically absurd; yet, I suspect that you will also surmise that such twisted thinking indeed under girds much of what has circulated among the darker alleys of the interwebz.

To assert that as President of the United States, Obama would lead a Violent Overthrow of his very own office reveals near mental illness grade delusion; and we know that anything less than Violent Overthrow is NOT Communism, as defined in the Manifesto in its closing battle cry, right?

Because if you are not for Violent Overthrow , you can not be a Communist, period.

No responsible contemporary Democrat, Technoprogressive, Social Democrat, or even Socialist believes in such evil violence as MANDATED by the Communist Manifesto.

To suggest that we believe in such things is equivalent to someone suggesting that McCain intends to position troops at every home in order to promote Homeland Security. It is EVIL to call me, Obama, or any educated, peace-loving and peace-seeking American a COMMUNIST. It's EVIL, not to be toyed with in any way.

To make such accusations is equivalent to making direct and sober claims that your pastor is a secret member of the KKK or a closet NAZI. EVIL.

Moreover, we read that, "The practical application of the principles will depend, everywhere and at all times, on the historical conditions for the [present time] and for that reason, no special stress is laid on the revolutionary measures proposed at the end of Section II. That passage would, in many respects, be very differently worded today" (Source).

How many times have we read substantially equivalent clarifying statements regarding various scriptural passages of all kinds? Many times, indeed.

The history of Brute Force Coercion -- Economic, Ideological, and Military -- is the real history to be disdained in favor of a Revolution of Reasoned Discussion by a Universally Well Educated Common Man.

Perhaps most importantly: "These measures will, of course, be different in different countries."


The Constitution of the United States is, as we've discussed so many times, ever my Personal Creed and I have nothing but the deepest Allegiance to My Country, The United States of America; one of the all-too-rare nations on Earth where we can have discussions such as this email without fear of intimidation or imprisonment for merely DISCUSSING ideas such as these for the purpose of forever forging A More Perfect Union.

This is why I so quickly wrote to support your 30 days to KNOW OUR U.S. FOUNDING DOCUMENTS campaign and will happily join you at that point of departure from these matters. The America founding documents are the Strategic Business Plan, the Blueprints for our Union ; you, I, and our fellow Americans are to be the trustees and executors of those hallowed texts and only those hallowed texts -- not interjecting, usurping, or bastardizing with violent and coercion-laden ideological or religious texts, from the Communist to the Catholic.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mr. Garrison on Evolution

Defines the phrase, "absolute classic."


Monday, July 14, 2008

What's another $7B between friends, right?

A measly $7,000,000,000.00 is a completely insignificant 2.3% of the $300,000,000,000.00 American Taxpayer Hose Down in progress.

Meanwhile, go ahead and miss just ONE $3000 mortgage or rent payment and your credit score will be immediately smashed in half and the wage slave shackles tightened another dozen notches. Miss another one -- or just be a couple weeks late -- and you are HOMELESS, Mr. and Mrs. "All Created Equal."

Oh, and don't forget the $1,100,000,000,000.00 "off-balance-sheet" cook-off. Yeah, that would be around 360% of the $300B that, "Seven of the biggest U.S. banks, including Citigroup, are on the hook for ..." according to those Radical Leftists over at Bloomberg.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo is the message getting through yet? Probably not.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drivers that force bumper to bumper

Drivers that force bumper to bumper traffic on freeways are extraordinarily annoying, as you probably know. Unless you ARE one, of course.

When I create a safe following distance of one car length for each 10 miles an hour in front of me, that is my safety buffer not your space to jam into and force bumper to bumper stupidity again, got it? Stay out of my safety space. listen

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Yeah, WE are the vicious Sharks ... Right ...

The evil short-selling sharks, as this New York Times article refers to us, are only "circling" in the sense that we are considering that this recent down leg may be due for a bit of an upside correction ... and "circling" around to find a good entry point into the inevitable long dollar trade of 2009.

Of course, we all know about those EVIL SPECULATORS ... lazy no-goods working 14 hour days in our home offices of our own internal motivation, crunching statistical risk management models ... engaging in such EVILS as buying a family home on the pure SPECULATION that it will assure our retirement ... speculatively buying condos for our children so that they might have a starter nest egg, too ... investing in 401(k)'s on the sheer SPECULATION that equities will rise over time.

Yes indeed, we must rid the world of "those" evil speculators (just make sure that MY 401(k) goes up). Next, just take the Wall St. to Washington Hank Paulson revolving door, by which you can conveniently advise that the armies of wage slaves whom you already raped and pillaged of all value, must now BAIL OUT THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS BILLIONAIRE BANKERS who (knowingly, for many) drove Freddie and Fannie directly into to ground.

The economic devastation fraught on 9/11 was a FRACTION of the damage done by this devouring locust swarms of Larry Kudlow and Sean Hannity worshippers.

Sound a bit bitter? Not at all.

Roused a bit awake? Wide.